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Pen-Friends.Net and Pen-Partners.Com are being developed as resources for people wishing to make contact. The primary objective of Pen-Friends.Net and Pen-Partners.Com is to provide a professional atmosphere in which people can find new friends. If you go to any of the personal homepages just close down the new version of the browser to return to this site. Please read the notes below carefully (especially children).

You can leave a MESSAGE for other Pen-friends on our WebBoard or write your COMMENTS in our GuestBook. You can also find out which Pen-friends are currently on-line in our Chat Room.

If you are a teacher you may wish to visit our Teacher Corners which have been created to help teachers and learners communitcate. We also have an ESL-EFL Group site.

If you are looking for a soulmate Pen-Partners is being developed as a Pen-Friends resource for people wishing to find Relationships, Soulmates and perhaps Marriage. As always, the primary objective of Pen-Partners is to provide a professional atmosphere in which people can find new friends. .

You can now list you Facebook Sites, Websites, Twitter Sites.. etc. You can list your pages in our database - Creating A New Form Of Pen-friends Lists. You can list you Facebook, Twitter, Website etc. Here!

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Find Friends and Colleagues at International Teachers' Corner

NOTE (1): Pen-friends accepts registrations from people of all ages. If age limits are placed upon registrants this may encourage people, especially children, to enter false ages creating a situation where they may receive unsuitable mail intended for adults (insisting upon parental permission is impracticable). This homepage was created as a means for people of all ages to find pen-friends, to assit learning about other cultures, and for the practice of foreign or second languages. It is hoped that this site may contribute in some small way to international understanding and world peace.

NOTE (2): Children! You must "never accept" invitations to meet "anyone at all" that you may find anywhere on the Internet or in these homepages without the permission and presence of your parents. "Never" give anybody your personal details or address without talking to and getting permission from your parents first. Please report any "suspicious or strange" mail to your parents immediately and send a copy to Pen-Friends Net - Click Here.

NOTE (3): The owner of this homepage accepts no responsibility for any misuse of Pen-friends.Net. Personal comments, language and the contents of personal homepages remain the responsibility of the individuals and do not reflect the attitudes of the owner of this page. However, comments are subject to editing if it is believed that they may be offensive to some groups, and links to homepages may be removed.

This applies to all Pen-friends sites. Pen-friends is for everybody!

Enjoy your visit, and thanks again for calling in!

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